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2014 Trout Stocking Schedules

Trout Stocking 2014
Stocking photos
All stockings are subject to change without notice*
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Trout stocking schedules
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Fingerling Trout Stockings
Waters that are stocked with trout (Approved trout waters) can be viewed on our County Guide interactive map....GO!
2013 Summary**
Water Number Brook Brown Rainbow Total Trophy***
Streams 733 415,030 796,730 1,354,940 2,566,700 7,240
Lakes 124 93,650 39,930 489,020 622,600 1,335
Combined 857 508,680 836,660 1,843,960 3,189,300 8,575
Cooperative Nurseries (estimate) 737,000
Total to be Stocked 3,926,300
*The meeting time listed is an approximate time that the stocking truck will arrive at the meeting location. Due to unforeseen travel conditions, the truck may arrive prior to or later than the designated time. Upon the truck’s arrival at the meeting location, the truck will leave the meeting location and travel to the water area where the trout stocking will begin. It is important to minimize the time that the trout spend in the stocking truck and ensure the fish are placed in the stream or lake as soon as possible. If you would like to meet the stocking truck at the meeting location, we recommend that you arrive at least 30 to 45 minutes prior to the listed meeting time. Otherwise, you may have to catch up with the stocking truck at the water area being stocked. The Commission’s stocking trucks are considered commercial vehicles and must comply with state and federal regulations regarding the maximum number of hours that a driver may operate the vehicle in a single day. For those water areas being stocked that are in excess of 100 air miles from the hatchery, it is important that the stocking procedure be completed within a specified time frame. Sportsmen will see a change in the way fish are stocked in these waters. We may have fewer stocking points along the streams and will utilize those stocking points that are closest to the roadway. Sportsman can help in a wider distribution of the fish by showing up at the stockings in sufficient numbers, be willing to assist by carrying buckets of fish to the stream and consider implementing a float stocking program for their favorite water area. The Commission will do its best to stock these waters, but remember there is a limited amount of time that is available to distribute the fish in these waters.
** Numbers planned for the stocking year (March 1 through February 28 of the following year). Due to a number of variables actual numbers stocked may change.
*** Trophy are golden rainbow trout that average 1.5 pounds and 14 inches, their numbers are included with rainbow trout.

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