Membership Info

 Springdale Sportsman's Club

Club Membership is OPEN!


    Anyone wishing to become a member of The Springdale District Sportman's Association may apply any time during the year. They must have a member in good standing sponsor them. Current members must renew their membership by December 31, of each year or they will have to re-apply as a new member. Dues are $25 per year for current members. New members must also pay a $25 initiation fee (total $50 the first year). Once you apply, you will be voted on at the monthly club meeting. After approval you then will receive your membership card.

    Our clubhouse has a full bar (Beer, wine, whiskey, water, pop, etc.). The club also has a  great kitchen, great tasting food. Please check out the menu here 2015 CLUB KITCHEN MENU .. Our kitchen has a full menu on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. All other days we serve Wings, Pizza, and Fries. We now have 3 awesome TV,S to watch your favorite sports team or shows. Plus Springdale Sportsman's hosts some great events for members and their family and friends!

    The club has plenty to offer. We have a stocked pond just full of fish. Trout, bass, catfish, etc. Its a great place for your kids to learn and have a good time. They will always have some action fishing at the clubs pond. Its also a great place for the grown ups to have some fun.  Parents need to accompany their children at all times. Please do not litter, there are trash cans at the pond.

    Springdale Sportsman's Club also has a great rifle (gun) range to sight your favorite weapons in. The range consist of a 25, 50, and 100 yard targets with a great overhang for when there is bad weather! It is very important to be extra careful when shooting at the clubs range. Please pick up after yourself and absolutely NO alcohol at the gun range.. Here are the clubs range rules for which each members MUST follow.

   Members using the range MUST have their current membership card or range pin displayed on their outer clothing in full view for anyone to see. If you do not have your card displayed, you cannot use the range. DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD. We have holders you may buy in the club.
  1. NO guests are allowed to use the range. Due to insurance costs, we cannot permit guests to use the range.
  2. Non-members caught using range without written permission from the Board of Directors will be prosecuted for trespassing.
  3. Member card does include member's children 18 and under, but they must be in the company of the member. Please teach them safety first.
  4. Range hours: Monday through Saturday 9:00 AM to Dusk. Sunday 10:00 AM to dusk
    a) First offense is fine of $100 dollars
    b) Second offense is expulsion
  6. Members deliberately shooting at uprights on the range will:
    a) First offense is fine of $100 dollars
    b) Second offense is expulsion
  7. Anyone refusing to pay the fines will automatically be expelled and taken to the magistrate.
  8. All targets will be set up in the direction of the 100 yard backstop.
  9. All shooters will shoot from benches, so not to hold up other shooters.
    (Max 8 shooters on range at one time)
  10. Absolutely no shooting at glass, cans or anything that can ricochet a bullet or leave debris and/or litter. If caught fine of $100 dollars and automatic expulsion.
  11. After shooting, please dispose of your targets and garbage. Keep the range clean.
  12. Sandbags are available for your use. Please do not use your pistols on our sandbags. If you use our sandbags, please return them.
  13. Machine guns and fully automatic weapons are ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED.

We also have a multi-target archery range with a tree stand. This is a great way to get some practice in before the  start of the Archery season. Its also a great way to spend an evening, just shooting some bolts at some targets..